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Matala MEA PRO MINI 2000 Air Pump Kit MWT225

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MEA Pro Mini 2000 

Breathe life into your pond ! Improve fish health. Reduce algae growth and sludge build up. 

De-ice to prevent winter fish kill. 

Applications: Aquaculture, Small Koi Pond. 

High efficiency

Simple maintenance. Completely oil-free. 

Silent operation. Long life expectancy

Specs:  0.34CFM ~  ØID5/32inchx30ft, ~  ØID4mmx 9m 


MEA Pro Mini 2000 Air Pump

2 Check Valves 

2 Diffuser Disc's  MD-3W (3.5" dia.)

2 Rolls Air Hose 5/32" x 30 ft.


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