6 Way Stainless Steel Manifold MWT082

$21.00 $17.00

It is recommended that you use these small manifolds for aquariums. These small air manifolds can exert too much back pressure on your pump if used incorrectly. You may use these small air manifolds to split your air to ceramic type air stones for aquarium applications or in cases where you need to put air stones in various locations around the pond or filter. It allows you to vent off potential back pressure if you are not using all outlets. Use all available air outlets on the manifold. Do not restrict the air pumps ability to breathe and cool itself. See section on Troubleshooting.

Use the 6 way manifold only for HK 25L.

Connect the outlet of your air pump to a 6 or 12 way manifold. In case you are using multiple manifolds for the larger pumps, use 5/8" to 1" pipe or hose to connect multiple manifolds.

The manifold has 3/16" valves which control the outlet of air to your air stones or diffusers.

  • 3/16" Valved Taps
  • Available with 6 Taps
  • Use 3/16" air hose for distances less than 3 feet and 1/4" air hose up to 5 feet


RELIEVING BACK PRESSURE It is important for the longevity of your Matala© Air Pump performance that you install a “BLEEDER VALVE”. The bleeder can be a secondary valve which is “cracked” open just enough to vent off excess back pressure. You may also use one of the existing outlets on the stainless steel manifold. Simply do not use one or two of the outlet valves and leave them open to bleed off excess back pressure. Using a bleeder valve will help ensure your warranty.